Sunday, April 10, 2011

Planning for Easter

Posted by Bridgette at 10:13 PM
Well there is only a couple of weeks till Easter is here.

I looked back over last years easter blogs and saw how stressed I made myself, I remember the struggle I had last year. I had planned to have no chocolate, or to keep it to an absolute minimum .. this resulted in me eating massive amounts of chocolate in a sitting, as well as pigging out on some traditional italian foods that are very high in fat due to being deep fried. I then went in to damage control and exercised like a mad woman.

I remember feeling totally stressed and out of control for that week, I was in a panic over everything I ate and probably didn't even enjoy the 25 points (old points system) of chocolate I ate in the one sitting.

Now I did manage to pull off a loss last year, but the stress that went with it was NOT worth it in heindsight.

I am now starting to think about Easter this year, and have decided I am planning for it. I know that now I have only a little left to lose I won't get away with eating such huge amounts, and I would probably be physically sick if I tried to.

So here is the plan:

  • PLAN for some chocolate on Easter Sunday, as well as the monday and tuesday public holiday
  • Make sure I do exercise on the Monday and Tuesday as I normally would, don't use the public holiday as an excuse not to
  • Do not touch any of my 49 weekly pp until Easter Sunday, so I know I have that safety net and don't panic
  • Get my mother in laws sipoli recipe so I can work out how many PP one is, so I don't eat them mindlessley this year (they're a traditional italian food, deep fried bread filled with olives and tomato)
  • Plan healthy meals and snacks around the main family get togethers and cover all my food groups, rather than restricting these things for the sake of pigging out 
  • Remember this is a LIFESTYLE change, don't panic if I go over my weekly 49PP, that's life, these things happen, ENJOY the holidays and do my best to follow my plan and keep on track without focusing every minute on food.

Have you thought about Easter yet? What are you planning on doing to get through the holiday?


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